12 Best Makeup Organizers That Will Seriously Declutter Your Makeup Collection

Heather Clausen and Julia Pinsky of The Pinsky Project, an organizing service based in Los Angeles, say the first thing you should do before buying a makeup organizer is take inventory of your collection.” Clausen says, “We find that people tend to buy organizers before they take the time to review the inventory of the items they have.” This can lead to the incorrect size container or the wrong one altogether.”

It would help if you also considered your style. Your makeup box may sit on your dresser, vanity, or bathroom countertop, so it should be visually pleasing and fit your home’s aesthetic. There are makeup cases for modern, ornate, or traditional home décor styles and options best suited for lipstick lovers or eyeshadow palette collectors.

Our top pick is the Masters Clear Cosmetic Storage, which is made of clear acrylic and allows you to see all your products from multiple angles. It also has 16 compartments, including drawers and slots to hold lipsticks, palettes, creams, and more.

Here are the best cosmetic organizers to keep your decorative collection in perfect order.

Best Overall Makeup Organizer: Masirs Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer - Easily Organize Your Cosmetics

Suitable for. People who want to keep everything close at hand while getting ready for work, including jewelry.
Not for. People with many specific types of makeup products, such as lipstick or eye shadow, want to keep them organized.

Show off your prettiest products by storing them in this highly functional display unit from Masters. The transparent material of this storage unit allows you to see everything, so you never have to look around for what you need. Moreover, this organizer has 16 compartments designed for a specific cosmetic product.

The organizer’s top has special compartments for brushes, lipsticks, and nail polish. The bottom half of the organizer consists of four shelves, two of which are extra long and perfect for storing larger palettes, eyeliners or lip liners, or even jewelry. The drawers are lined with protective pads to prevent your makeup from damaging the pure acrylics. This organizer is an excellent choice for those with a few frequently used products daily.

Best Countertop Makeup Organizer: Elle Lacquer Makeup Organizer

Elle Lacquer Makeup Organizer

Suitable people. People who want a stylish countertop organizer that is not glass or acrylic.
Not for. People with many small items to organizing, such as lipstick or eyeliner.

If you’re looking for a stylish countertop makeup organizer to compliment your well-designed dresser or vanity, this attractive option from Pottery Barn Teen is it. Made of wood and with a glossy lacquer finish that makes the white paint shine, this makeup organizer has three rows of compartments with varying wall heights so taller items can stand up in the back and shorter items are still easily accessible in the front.

The organizer also has a small drawer at the bottom that is just the right size to hold different lipsticks, palettes, or any miscellaneous items you may have. The gold and acrylic handle on the drawer is the cherry on top of this beautifully designed organizational tool. A linen pad is on the bottom to help protect the countertop underneath the organizer. This is especially important if you place this organizer on a wooden countertop, as items with sharp corners can scratch the delicate surface.

Best Makeup Drawer Organizer: The Everything Drawer Organizers

The Everything Drawer Organizers

Suitable for. People who want to create order out of the chaos of their makeup drawer.
Who it’s not for—anyone who has a lot of tall bottles or long makeup brushes they need to keep organized.

Those with little counter space will love this handy makeup drawer collection from The Container Store. Clausen and Pinsky always use these precision drawer organizers to organize their customers’ makeup drawers. They prefer these individual components to pre-assigned options because “not everyone has the exact size of any product to fit the designated space provided by those solutions.”

These drawer organizers come in eight different sizes, so you should be able to find a comfortable height that fits inside your drawer. They can hold everything from lipsticks to eyeshadow pots and longer items like brushes and eyeliners. They are designed to work together, so you can mix and match sizes to find the best configuration for your drawer. Each organizer has square corners, so there aren’t any gaps between the compartments. In addition, they are equipped with silicone feet on the bottom to prevent movement when opening and closing the drawer.

Best Small Makeup Organizer: Marie Kondo Serenity Countertop Glass Organizer

Marie Kondo Serenity Countertop Glass Organizer

Suitable for. People are looking for a compact and convenient cosmetic organizer to organize their essential decorative collection.
Who it’s not for—those who need extra space for more oversized makeup items, such as palettes or creams.

This unique cosmetic organizer from internationally acclaimed organizer Marie Kondo is perfect for those who only regularly use a handful of products. We especially like its modern geometric design, which looks great on a bathroom counter or vanity. Unlike other makeup items, the brush compartment is centrally located, creating a visually appealing focal point that draws the eye. With four openings in this brush compartment, keeping your lip, look, and powder brushes separate is easy. It can even accommodate long eyeliners.

The base below the brush station has four separate compartments with enough room for lipstick, foundation, etc. Thanks to the turntable at the bottom, all you have to do is give this organizer a little spin and get to any product without reaching for your brushes. Because of its small size, it’s not an excellent choice for people who want to display a lot of makeup, but it’s great if you’re only going to show the essential products you need daily.

Best Large Makeup Organizer: Sorbus Makeup Transparent Storage Case

Sorbus Makeup Transparent Storage Case

Suitable for. People want a makeup bag that can be detached and configured into many different shapes.
Who it’s not for—people who are not interested in displaying many products.

Sorbus is one of the most popular brands on the makeup market, thanks to the brand’s explicit, easy-to-clean plastic materials and versatile design. This Sorbus makeup clear storage case offers a whopping 28 compartments, including 12 drawers of varying sizes and 16 vertical slots. The vertical slots are perfect for holding lipsticks, glosses, brushes, and nail polish. Eight smaller drawers have concealer and mascara, while two extra-long drawers are ideal for large palettes or long eyeliners. There are also two square drawers for taller items such as beauty sponges, powders, or creams.

In addition to ample space, another outstanding feature is that the entire organizer is modular. Each compartment, including a row of vertical slots and three sets of drawers, can be disassembled, arranged horizontally, or whatever configuration works best for you and your space. In addition, unlike many acrylic organizers, this model comes in exciting colors, including teal, pink and purple.

Best Rotating Makeup Organizer: Ameitech Rotating Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer, 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Storage Display Case

Suitable for. Anyone with an unusually high bottle that doesn’t fit the standard cosmetic organizer.
Who it’s not for? Anyone who likes to display makeup with a focus on a style.

Rotating storage takes convenience to a new level, and this Ameitech Rotating Makeup Organizer is no exception. The see-through material and 360-degree rotating wheel of this acrylic makeup organizer allow you to quickly and easily find the makeup you need. Another handy feature not present in many makeup organizers is the ability to customize the compartments. Each of the four shelves is removable, allowing for more or less vertical space between the shelves.

At the top of the organizer, you’ll find 13 cubbies, 12 grouped in the center and designed to hold lipstick, with the largest one wide enough to have a brush. The 13th compartment wraps around this lipstick island and is perfect for storing smaller cylindrical items such as eye creams or powders. The one drawback of this makeup organizer is that you must assemble it from the box.

Best Makeup Organizer Box: Frenessa Professional Makeup Train Case

Frenessa Professional Makeup Train Case

Suitable for. People who do not want their cosmetics on the counter or their dresser.
People who don’t fit. People who do their makeup in the same place every day.

This case is excellent for people who are always on the go and like to keep all their makeup with them or who want to store it out of sight. The Frenessa Professional Makeup Train Case has four trays that expand upward from the center of the case, allowing you to see all the makeup you have stored clearly. You can use one compartment to store more extended beauty tools like brushes or eyeliners or slide in a divider so that your lip gloss and lipstick can live in the same place but have their own space. The bottom of the case is large enough to hold a handful of nail polish, cream, or even a slight perfume.

The exterior of the train case is made of sturdy metal and comes with a lock and a padded handle for added comfort. This makes it an excellent travel case for your entire collection.

Best Makeup Organizerfor Small Spaces: Gissar Over-the-Door Storage Mirror

GISSAR Jewelry Mirror Armoire Wall Mount Over The Door

Suitable for. People whose makeup collection is so extensive that it does not easily fit into a cosmetic countertop organizer or a storage organizer in a drawer.
Who it’s not for—people who don’t want their organizer to be the room’s focal point.

If you live in a small space, you know that storage space may be scarce. One of the best ways to solve storage problems is to use the area behind the door or on the wall rather than taking up drawer or counter space, especially if you have a vast collection.

The Griesa Over-the-Door Storage Mirror has six shelves in the unit to keep an extensive collection neatly in one place. Two frames have additional features, including cups for brushes and small trays that can hold square palettes or sets of nail polish or lipstick. This organizer also has a drop-down mirror with a small perch that gives you a place to put your makeup on while doing it. The inside of the door has places to store jewelry, while the outside of the door is equipped with a full-length mirror and accessory hooks.

This particular organizer can be hung on your door or mounted on the wall, depending on your available space.

Most Stylish Makeup Organizer: Hersoo 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer

Hersoo 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer

Applicable objects. People want a vanity organizer to be used as a home decor piece.
Who it’s not for? People who want a built-in space for their makeup brushes.

If you want a makeup tool that’s both functional and stylish, you’ll love the Hersoo 360-degree rotating makeup organizer. This makeup organizer is made of glass and lined with a stunning gold filigree trim. The addition of this glamorous makeup organizer will make your makeup application feel even more luxurious.

This organizer comes with four tiers with ten compartments. It is asymmetrical, so foundation or tall skincare bottles can fit like lipstick and nail polish. One drawback of this makeup case is that there needs to be dedicated space for brushes or thinner, taller items such as liners. You must purchase a small cup to ensure that these items remain upright in this organizer.

Best Makeup Organizer for Lipstick: Tasybox Clear Lipstick Holder Organizer

Tasybox Clear Lipstick Holder Organizer

Suitable for. People who want to keep all their lipsticks in a separate slot for easy browsing.
People who don’t fit. People who need a makeup kit with a wider variety of compartments.

Lipstick lovers will have a lot of fun storing their lipstick collection in this fun Amazon find. This unique lipstick holder can be displayed in a variety of ways. The Toybox clear lipstick case can be flipped and arranged on your counter, but it fits best. No matter how you decide to put it, this lipstick holder is an eye-catching countertop cosmetic storage unit. It’s also small enough to work in a drawer.

There are two sizes to choose from, 16-slot and 28-slot, with the latter being slightly more expensive. This Tasybox product can also hold lip glosses, but they may need to fit more snugly inside the squares as lipsticks, as lip glosses tend to be stored in smaller and longer tubes. Before purchasing this product, measure the width of most of your lipsticks or lip glosses – each line measures 0.98 x 0.98 inches inside.

Best Palette Makeup Organizer: iDesign Dakota Palette Organizer

iDesign Dakota Palette Organizer

Suitable for. People who want a chic palette organizer specifically designed for countertops.
Not for. People who need a more expansive palette organizer to accommodate large palettes.

If you prefer palettes and need to add some order to your collection, check out this stylish palette organizer from Target. iDesign Dakota palette organizer features a marble pattern, a welcome change from the many clear acrylic palette organizers on the market.

There are five slots for storage, and the dividers are tall enough to keep your eyeshadow, lip, and blush palettes in place. Even if you have a more extensive palette collection, you can still use this organizer to keep your most used palettes closest to you rather than being stuck in a drawer or garbage can with the rest of your palettes. However, if you have a more extensive rectangular palette, know it will be better than a square palette. So, opt for a broader palette organizer if you would like to change how your palette is handed from side to side.

Best Makeup Brush Organizer: CAXXA Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder

CAXXA Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder

Suitable for. People who have a lot of tubes and brushes, not people who have a lot of pots and palettes.
Who it’s not for? This organizer is not part of a set, so it’s not for those who want a separate palette organizer in the same style.

Makeup brushes are one of those beauty tools that require extra organization, and if you own a lot of makeup brushes, you’ll want to keep your smaller meetings separate from the fluffy ones to keep them easy to find. This super stylish makeup brush holder with three separate compartments is so convenient. These three compartments vary in size, with the largest compartment being perfect for storing thicker brushes used for foundation, blush, and powder. The smaller room is best for storing thinner brushes used for eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, lips, etc.

This makeup rack is also spacious enough to accommodate cosmetics such as mascara, lip gloss, and eyeliner. This is an excellent option for those who keep their routine to a minimum or can mix and match organizers.

Final Verdict

The Masters Clear Cosmetic Storage is our top choice because of its explicit and sturdy acrylic material, allowing you to see and find all your products. It also has 16 compartments, with dedicated space for lipsticks, palettes, nail polish, and more.

How to Shop for Makeup Organizers

There are a few style options for makeup organizers. Many makeup cases are made of acrylic or glass, and some come with gold, silver, or black decorative strips. Some acrylics come in specific colors, such as pink or blue. There are also some bamboo options and lacquered wood, but these tend to have a higher price tag and are more challenging to keep clean. Clausen and Pinsky prefer acrylic because it is “the easiest to wipe clean, and you can easily see inside.”

Storage Types
The best way to choose which storage type is best for you is to organize your cosmetic collection before you buy any organizers.” For cosmetics, we recommend first taking everything out, sorting it by category, and classifying it as best you can,” says Clausen and Pinsky.” Anything outdated, stale, or no longer fits you is an excellent place to start. Once you have all the items you want to keep, then the fun begins!”

They also point out that knowing the available space in your home is essential. For example, if you have plenty of counter space, choose a horizontal plan so you can see all your makeup in front of you. Choose a vertical storage space if you want to tuck things away slightly. Clear glass and acrylic plastic are the best materials for vertical makeup cabinets because you’ll be able to find what you need quickly.

If dedicating space on your counter is out of the question, look for drawer organizers or behind-the-door organizers, which will keep your counter tidy. In general, drawer styles are better for more streamlined collections, while behind-the-door techniques are better if you have a lot of things to organize.

Questions You Might Ask

Where is the best place to put my makeup organizer?
Personal preference and your space determine where your makeup organizer should be placed. It’s best to put your makeup organizer close to where you usually do your makeup in your home or room. If you don’t have a separate vanity, one in your dresser is an excellent place to store your makeup.

You should avoid putting your vanity cabinet in your bathroom. Makeup stays the longest in a dry environment at room temperature. Your bathroom creates an environment where the temperature and humidity frequently fluctuate, which changes the quality of your makeup. If you are exposed to this humidity for an extended period, your makeup will deteriorate more quickly. If your bathroom is the only place you can store your cosmetics, make sure you purchase a cosmetic organizer, also called a train case, which will protect them from humidity more effectively.

What is the best way to keep your makeup organizer clean?
Many makeup organizers are plastic or glass, making them very easy to clean. But which cleaning tool you should use depends on the type of mess.” For powder/makeup brush bristles/general deposits, we use a can of compressed air to dust first and get into the nooks and crannies,” Pinsky and Clausen note.” We recommend spraying any general-purpose cleaner onto a microfiber cloth or paper towel for additional cleaning or any spills (foundation, liquid makeup, etc.).” Microfiber cloths are also effective at wiping fingerprints.

Take Our Word for It

This post was written by Rachel Center, a lifelong lover of all things fashion and beauty and a product review family writer for Real Simple. She researched all the components that make a great cosmetics organizer and ultimately chose products based on their storage options and styles and customer reviews and ratings.


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