9 Trending Dark Nail Colors to Inspire Your Cold-Weather Manicures

Have you ever stood in front of a wall of nail polish colors at your local salon, waiting for inspiration to cut through the indecision? Or have you scrolled endlessly through social media hoping the perfect nail color or design would ignite your confident “This is it!”

Well, we did the hard work for you by contacting nail artists who are very knowledgeable about the nail art world. They introduced us to the most popular dark nail colors for the fall/winter season, so you can spend more time admiring your new manicure/pedicure without deciding which color to pic

Best Dark Nail Colors

Hunter Green

Plain, saturated green is one of our favorite dark nail color trends this season. Celebrity manicurist Holly Falcone agrees. “There’s something so stately about a deep dark green, especially in the fall,” she says.” It’s also a more fun alternative to classic navy and is flattering on everyone,” she says.

Creamy Brown

A creamy, velvety brown nail polish color is right in between damp and bright, making it the perfect transition color for fall.” If you’re someone who usually only does nude nails but wants to try something darker, this is the color for you,” says Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood Agency and celebrity nail stylist.


While bright, true reds make us think of the holidays, more somber variations stand the test of time.” For decades, dark reds have been a favorite for the fall and winter seasons. Still, this darker version is on trend for 2022,” says Olivia Van Iderstine, a trend expert at Olive & June.” It looks incredible on super short or long nails.”

Espresso & Caramel

Love brown, but crave a more dazzling manicure? Go deeper with espresso nail polish with shimmery flecks of caramel or gold. This darker nail polish may become the color you’ve wanted all season long. I love that this [trend] fulfills two of the hottest fall trends – brown nail polish and chrome,” says Hannah.

Deep Cobalt

We usually think of blue as a ripe choice for spring or summer, but this color can certainly transition us into the colder months. At this time of year, the key to making it feel right is choosing a super-saturated version rather than a brighter or creamier one.” Blue has always been the trend, and deep cobalt blue is an update to that trend,” Falcone said.

Midnight Purple

Purple is the next-door neighbor to cobalt blue, and we invite you to go deeper with this shade for the fall and winter seasons.” Galdina Jimenez, OPI’s education manager, says, “This almost-black purple gives a sleek look to any manicure.” It allows for a damp vibe but can provide a professional look for your workday.”


Coal Ash Gray is another way to dabble in the “almost black” dark nail color trend. It’s not as severe as true black but still lends itself to the sad, super-saturated color scheme we crave when the seasons change.

Shimmering Emerald

Those who prefer a less flashy green manicure should opt for a shimmery emerald color instead.” We all love the glazed donut trend. Now it’s time to meet it in winter with a deep emerald match,” says Van Einstein.” The shimmery dark green is dark enough for the coldest days but still has that little bit of magic.”

Oil Slick

Another way to bring your cooler tones into winter is to lean into the slip polish or halo nail trend. Think of a blue-purple-green multicolor that changes with your day’s activities.” Falcone says, “This color works as a dark metallic polish but turns magical in the light.” The different shades in these nail polishes catch the light from different angles, so it’s different from one moment to the next.”


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