According to rigorous testing, these are the best women’s ice and snow boots

If you live in a cold climate, you know the importance of finding the best snow boots and trustworthy ice boots. But that knowledge only helps a little when faced with an almost endless selection of snow boots. (And you thought wearing ankle boots with a dress was tricky.) As winter approaches, you’ll want a great pair of shoes to protect your toes from the cold and slip on the ice sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, you can skip option after option and hope for the best. (There’s little use hoping after you’ve slipped on a patch of ice in less-than-ideal boots.) Researchers at iDAPT, a research institute of the Rehabilitation Institute of Toronto-University of Toronto Health Network, conducted a comprehensive test of the top ice boots to determine which ones reduce your risk of slipping and falling in harsh winter conditions.

iDAPT tested the shoes by having researchers and test subjects walk across the ice floor while observers slowly increased the angle in what they called the maximum achievable angle test. The base is tilted until the issue slips; the pitch before the slip is the shoe’s Maximum Achievable Angle (MAA), rated on a scale from 1 to 15. Any shoe that receives an MAA score below 7 gets no credit; any shoe with a higher score receives 1, 2, or 3 snowflakes, with three being the best. iDAPT tests shoes on uphill and downhill, ice, and wet ice conditions, so If they award snowflakes to a pair of shoes, you can be sure they will significantly reduce your chances of slipping.

For the women’s casual shoe section – that is, shoes without metal spikes, spikes, or traction aids on the upper – the highest score this year was two snowflakes. We selected seven best-performing snow and ice boots from iDAPT’s rankings. All received MAA scores of 7 or better, and all are approved for wet and cold ice use.

The best boots for snow and ice for women:

Windriver Women’s Ice Queen ICEFX T-Max Insulated Waterproof Leather Winter Boots

windriver snow boots

MAA Score: 7

Denver Hayes Women’s Commuter ICEFX Leather Boots – Brown

brown winter boots

MAA Score: 8

Keen Women’s Revel IV Polar Boot

keen snow boot

MAA Score: 10

Windriver Women’s Peak HD3 Waterproof Winter Hikers

Best snow and ice boots for women - Windriver Women’s Peak HD3 Waterproof Winter Hikers

MAA Score: 9

Sperry Women’s Powder Valley Snow Boot

sperry snow boot

MAA Score: 9

Helly Hansen Women’s Bivy ICEFX Waterproof Windproof Breathable Winter Boots

helly hansen boots

MAA Score: 8


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