Best claw clips for all hair types—including thick hair

If you find me on a desert island, you can be sure I will carry two things: lip balm and a paw clip.

These are two things I am never without, and you will find them at all times: on my nightstand, on my desk, in my handbag, in my bathroom, and always tucked in or attached to my luggage when I travel. And I’m not alone.

From 2000 to today, the claw clip has seen a massive resurgence in recent seasons. Along with vests, cargo pants, cowboy boots, and tights, the 1990s provided seemingly endless inspiration for the current ubiquitous trend – this floor-gripping hair accessory is no exception.

With celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner, and all your Instagram photos, it’s one of the most accessible trends to revive – and nowhere near as controversial as low-waisted bootcut jeans or blue eye shadow.

LORA clip in Moonstone Leopard

From the high quality construction, to the eye-catching designs, Tort is the brand to know in the claw clip game. The LORA clip should never be too far to hand and is made from an eco-resin material with a moonstone and leopard tortoiseshell stripe design. It measures around 9cm.

HAYHOI 4PCS Hair Claw Clips

This four-prong clip safe from Amazon will give you options to match each of your outfits while also offering you the opportunity to put one in your bathroom, one by your bed, one on your desk, and anywhere else you might want to create a messy hair bun in an instant. They come in various sizes, but the regular size pictured is about 5.6 cm.

Anthropologie Set of 4 Retro Squiggle Claw Clips

For the statement accessory, your claw clips should be; Anthropologie plays with design and silhouette with this diagonal design. They come in a set of four and can be mixed and matched clean or patterned as well as sized.

ASOS DESIGN hair claw with diamante happy face in yellow

This is an inspiring, joy-bringing accessory that will enhance any toned-down look. Its resin construction and diamond accents create the iconic 90’s smiley face detail.

Emi Jay Papillon Claw Clip

Borne out of the 90s, butterfly clips are back with aplomb but Emi Jay takes a more grown-up approach to the nostalgic style by elongating the design to around 6cm. It is available in yellow and peach.

Glamorous daisy claw clip in pearlised white

Bring the summer spirit – whether the weather plays ball or not – with this daisy hair clip. The pretty piece is ideal for adding a sense of playfulness but may be best for thin or medium hair thickness due to the smaller size.

petit moments Checkered Claw Clip

Check out the geometric patterns of these bold clips. Bringing an infusion of color in vibrant greens or black and white for the color-phobe in you, these clips offer a unique detail to your look.

Mermade Hair Claw Clip – Clear

Sweep your hair into an effortlessly messy bun and secure it in place with this clear clip from Mermade Hair. It’s designed for all hair types, especially those with thicker hair, and provides a way to keep your hair from tearing and snagging and ensuring it stays firmly in place.

8 Other Reasons Ying And Yang Claw Clip

Whether you want to create a secure messy bun, tie half of your hair back, or get creative with a French twist, this set of two claw clips has endless styling potential and is adorned with a yin-yang design.

Kitsch Recycled Plastic Large Loop Claw Clips

These clips from Kitsch are made from recyclable plastic – so they’re friendly to the planet and your hair. They reduce the waste of disposable plastic, are ideal for securing thick, curly, and coiffed hair types, and are simple in design.

MARA Hair Claw

Skincare brand MARA designed this product to hold your hair out of your face as you begin your multi-step skincare routine, but it has since become one of the best-selling products. It has a playful tortoiseshell design that is friendly to your hair and scalp once secured.

ASOS DESIGN hair clip claw in black

Create a 90s-inspired style with this key accessory. A hard-working piece that will serve you well for years to come, it is verstaile in design and application.

Kitsch Eco-Friendly Jumbo Open Shape Claw Clip

Add greater dimension to your dos with this oversized clip from Kitsch. It is created from recycled materials and offers an effortless solution to hold all hair types without snagging or causing breakages.

Mini Hair Clips Plastic Hair Claws

This range of mini clips may be more suitable for acceptable hair types to create a semi-up style. They tend to be quite fragile, so multi-packing ensures you’ll have a spare when one clip fails to work.

My Accessories square claw clip in marbled green

This vibrant green hue is one of the season’s most popular colors, but if you need help incorporating it into your closet, look at your hair accessories for a playful edge.

Emi Jay Big Effing Clip

If you subscribe to the “bigger is better” motto, Emi Jay’s line of claw clips – specifically, this design – needs to be on your radar. It’s 10 cm long, so it’s suitable for thicker hair types, and it’s earth-friendly, too, made of biodegradable acetate.


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