Best shampoos for fine hair to boost volume

If you have fine hair, you’ll feel like creating lasting style is a pipe dream.

Take it from someone who has had thin, limp, and lifeless hair all her life. You can spend hours curling and crimp, spraying hairspray, and rubbing, but five minutes after walking out the door, your hair is still as flat as ever. Frustration doesn’t tell the story.

But find the proper routine – a tight combination between enough product to make a difference, but not so much as to overload the strands – and you’ll find you’ll even be able to take advantage of the latest TikTok hair trends – whether it’s the wavy lob or the bombshell blowout.

It all starts with your shampoo. But we’re outdoing ourselves.

What causes fine hair?

Celebrity hairstylist and beauty entrepreneur Frédéric Fekkai explains, “Having fine hair is due to less protein in the hair strands and is often genetic. This often leads to flat hair due to overactive sebaceous glands, use of the wrong hair care products, and product buildup.”

Celebrity hairstylist Halley Brisker adds, “A range of issues can lead to fine hair, from medical conditions as well as lifestyle factors such as stress and poor nutrition.”

How important is the shampoo that you use?

Fekkai stresses that “Choosing the right shampoo is essential”. He continues, “they are all formulated differently to work with your specific hair type, and for fine hair types, using the right one can make all the difference in boosting your strands. I often recommend alternating two shampoos to accommodate two different benefits.”

Brisker agrees, “Using a good shampoo is an important part of your care routine as it can strengthen, repair and enhance all hair types among many other benefits.”

What ingredients and terminology should you be looking out for? And what should you avoid?

“Because fine hair will break out more quickly, avoid creamy formulas that contain ingredients such as silicones or oil-rich oils,” advises Fekkai.” This can drag down the hair shaft and make fine hair appear flat.”

“Whenever possible, the main ingredients should be naturally occurring, organic, and sustainable,” reveals Brisker.” Keywords or phrases such as biotin, keratin, and amino acids indicate that your shampoo is of premium quality. Always try to avoid things like parabens and sulfates.”

Styling tips to make hair look thicker

It starts with a good haircut, which is the foundation of any styling,” says Fekkai! I like the butterfly cut. I love the Butterfly Cut and recommend anyone with fine hair to try it. It adds incredible volume and texture to long hair. The butterfly wings are created with shorter face layers at the chin and then blend seamlessly with longer layers at and above the shoulders.

For Brisker, “it’s always in preparation. She adds.” After cleansing hair, a good blow-dry cream or thickening spray should be used while the hair is wet. Once blow-dried, use enough product, and you should find that your hair looks fuller and can be styled as needed.”

Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo

From celebrity hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai’s eponymous collection, this shampoo is designed to volumize every strand for thicker, fuller hair. It is enriched with green coconut water to transform limp hair instantly, and rosemary leaf extract and the signature Phytenssence complex stimulate and strengthen hair, respectively. This also protects against external aggressors that may cause fine or thinning hair or exacerbate the condition.

Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo

Among Philip Kingsley’s famous hair care lines is a line for all hair types and those with fine hair. As the name implies, this product is about infusing the body and bouncing into the hair with weightless formulas. If you need to wash your thinning hair constantly, you need a shampoo that provides body without causing it to become greasy to minimize daily chores – which may be precisely what you’re looking for. Natural cellulose and keratin work together to make hair fuller and more robust while removing excess buildup and controlling those pesky flyaways.

Leonor Greyl Bain Volumateur Aux Algues (Specific Conditioning Shampoo for Thin and Limp Hair)

To achieve the seemingly effortless French girl style, look to legendary Parisian hair care brand Leonor Greyl – a pioneering brand offering professional-grade products since 1968.

This shampoo is designed to make fine hair feel healthier from the first wash. It is powered by brown seaweed extract, algae seed extract, and spirulina extract, which combine to provide a vitamin-rich, conditioning, and strengthening formula, while also providing effective cleansing. You won’t be able to stop stroking your silky tresses.

Viviscal Densifying Shampoo

You may know Viviscal best for its game-changing supplements, but did you know that the brand also offers hair care products? Recommended by hair stylists, the brand has chosen the same growth-promoting ingredients in its lineup as dietary additives so they can work in tandem to give you the thick, full hair you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll find biotin, keratin, and zinc in them and the label’s phytonutrient-rich Ana: Tel complex. The hair cycle takes about three months, after which you will notice stronger, healthier hair that has grown during this period, with greater density than the ends.

OUAI Fine Hair Shampoo

OUAI’s shampoo will be a stylish addition to your shower shelf and contains nourishing ingredients and a beautiful scent. The exquisite bottle is just the beginning of the magic. This formula is designed to promote shine and bounce in your hair. It’s infused with hydrolyzed keratin and biotin to strengthen the scaffold and hemp seed extract and chia seed oil to boost moisture levels. It fights frizz without weighing down your hair and imparts a subtle fragrance of peony, magnolia, jasmine, and musk that you’ll smell throughout the day.

R+Co Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo

Transparent beauty brand R+Co aims to provide effective products without any harmful substances. This hair care brand will make explosive blowouts possible with its volumizing shampoo that promotes fine and flat hair types, making long-lasting styles an objective reality in the future of your hair. Its lineup of ingredients is like a dream combination for hair; biotin, pro-vitamin B5, and coconut oil play an important role in helping hair health. Its scent, which the brand calls Dark Waves, has notes of cardamom, pineapple, orange, lavender, bamboo, and goldenrod. It is free of parabens, sulfates, and carbolic acid.

VIRTUE Full Shampoo

Give your hair the oomph it has been sorely missing with Virtue. The innovative label has its signature Alpha Keratin 60ku protein as the basis of its products that mimics the keratin found naturally in hair, thereby rebuilding and filling damage strands.

Fine hair types will appreciate that this is all possible without weighing down the hair that would otherwise leave it more limp and lifeless than before. As your shampoo ritual, it works to dissolve oil and impurities, plump and creates volume that lasts throughout the day.

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Hair Daily Strengthening Shampoo

Whether coloring or overheating, acceptable hair types see lifestyle and chemical interventions that cause their hair to feel flat and dull. Enter Beauty Pie’s Super Healthy Hair Daily Strengthening Shampoo. Bouncy beach waves, or princess-like curls, whatever style you choose, will be the first step to achieving a long-lasting look with peptides and amino acids to strengthen and add volume without causing buildup that weighs hair down.

The lineup of high-tech ingredients includes the brand’s array of trademarked complexes, from quinoa-derived Colourplus Amino Acids, which provide staying power for fresh-from-the-salon color, and Lustreplex Shine Enhance for frizz-free shine, to PerfectHair Peptides, which shield against environmental damage, providing XXL appeal and smoothing hair strands.

K18 Peptide Prep Ph-Maintenance Shampoo

It’s the brand and product you’ll be happy to leave room for in your shower ritual. The science-based hair care brand K18 is named after the innovative peptide (K18Peptide) at the center of the product. The brand is perhaps best known for its Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask, praised by beauty editors for its ability to strengthen hair strands, and this shampoo will further enhance its effects.

As part of a regular shampooing routine, you’ll thoroughly clean your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. At the same time, it promotes more moisture to reach the hair strands for more robust, warmer hair. This is achieved through an optimized pH level of 4.5 to 5.5, ensuring minimal hair cuticle swelling for a smoother style.

Matrix Total Results High Amplify Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner for Fine Flat Hair

Silky, shiny and with swish factor, Matrix Biolage is one of the brands of choice for professional hairdressers for the simple fact that it works. The shampoo – offered here as a duo alongside the conditioner – is made up of the brand’s trademarked Full Boost Technology that is all about long-lasting volume. It works by removing dirt and impurities that build up as part of your fast paced lifestyle, but in a gentle way and while offering a dose of strengthening proteins. As a result, hair isn’t weighed down by residue and strands looks thicker and fuller.


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