BIRDYLASHES Released Its New Wing It Mascara, and We Tried It


If you ask any beauty enthusiast, they’ll probably admit that they don’t feel complete without mascara. For many people, mascara is the finishing touch to any look, whether it’s minimalist or dramatic. In further conversation, you’ll also learn that they want to find mascara to help them achieve long, voluminous lashes without worrying about clumping, smudging, and flaking.

When BIRDYLASHES shared the news of its foray into mascara, we knew we wanted to be among the first to try it (primarily since the brand is known for its extensive line of lash products, including a variety of false lashes and 2-in-1 glue liquid eyeliner).
“Yasmin Maya, founder and CEO of BIRDYLASHES shared exclusively with Glowsly the new Wing It mascara ($16), which features a double-ended wand that can be used on both upper and lower lashes.

What’s Wing It Mascara, and how does it work?

While chatting with Maya, we learned that she created Wing It Mascara to solve her struggle of needing multiple mascaras to complete her makeup look. “I have always used two mascaras — one for my top lashes and one for my bottom lashes,” she explained before pointing out the unique design of the dual-ended mascara wand.

Maya said her mom was also a source of inspiration when creating the unique wand. It was specially designed to coat and divide your top and bottom lashes without the fear of messy application, a problem her mom often faced in her hunt for a spoolie that was thin and precise enough to coat all her lashes.

What’s the formula behind the mascara?


“It was important to me to create a mascara that could be used every day or on special occasions,” the beauty founder explains, adding that the high-performance formula lasts 24 hours and has all the bases covered for beauty enthusiasts.

“I wanted something that wouldn’t transfer, sprout or move,” Maya tells us.” Our wand and formula are designed to separate lashes nicely to look full and not clumpy.

How do I use Wing It mascara for the best results?
Maya recommends wiggling the mascara wand over your lashes for best results so they are applied individually and evenly. She recommends pressing the rod onto your lashes when using a second coat for lifting the curling effect.

Maya also suggests using an eyelash curler to curl up your lashes. You can gently heat your curler, giving your lashes more length,” she adds.


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from BIRDYLASHES’ Wing It mascara. When I initially opened the package, I was immediately hooked on the sleek black and gold tube that could be tossed into my purse and taken with me wherever I went.

“I’ve never used a double-sided mascara before, but I love the separation – the smaller brush for the lower lashes makes the application more accessible, as larger meetings tend to overwhelm my lower lashes. What I love about Wing It Mascara is its lengthening effect. If you apply them slowly and carefully, you’ll notice how elongated and smooth they look.
“Despite this, it does look thick, which I wasn’t expecting since it’s advertised on the website as “clump-free.” It also doesn’t last as long as I had hoped, nor is it water or water resistant.”
-Jamie Greenberg, Editor-in-Chief
“When I’m asked that pesky question about the makeup you can’t live without, my answer is always mascara. So, as you can imagine, I’m picky about a good lash product. It took me years to pick my current product (ILIA’s Limitless Lash) to replace my original go-to (Too Faced’s Better Than Sex), but as more and more cleansing and vegan products hit the shelves, I’ve become more and more open to trying new ones.

“Trying BIRDYLASHES was an experience. Understanding the double-sided tube took only a few seconds, and the thicker top mascara brush applied the product very thickly. However, the ultra-thin brush for the lower lashes was a breeze to use and reached every tiny lash I could see. There is no doubt that this mascara has excellent length, and who doesn’t love long lashes?
“I wish the product was lighter so it wouldn’t clump and make my top and bottom lashes stick together. I also want the mascara lifted and curled my lashes more.

“While BIRDYLASHES didn’t make me ruthlessly replace my beloved Limitless Lash, I plan to keep it for when I want thicker, more prominent lashes.” To learn more about Wing It mascara, visit

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