The best pedicure products

After months of hibernating in cotton socks and 40 Deniers, our feet need some TLC. But before you head to the nearest salon for an expensive pedicure, why not give your feet a pampering session at home?

Thanks to many gadgets and care tools, getting your toes in tip-top shape can be done quickly and easily for last-minute parties and outings.

We’ve rounded up six beautifying products to save your legs the work for the ultimate at-home pedicure.

1. Magnitone London Well Heeled! Quick Pedicure System

Cracked heels are never a good sign. Magnitone Well Heeled! is a gentle yet super effective device with two dome-shaped rollers for different skin needs. An additional polishing roller head for rough areas firmly removes hard skin. The regular buffing head does a great job of keeping the skin soft and smooth for quick treatments. Both attachments are cleverly contoured to ensure an even finish. Your feet will thank you later.

2. Masque Bar Gentle Exfoliating Foot Mask

If you suffer from dry feet, then some gentle exfoliation is a must. These wearable foot masks contain chamomile and botanical fruit extracts to banish dull skin and calluses and leave your trotters feeling baby smooth. After wearing the masks for at least an hour, rough skin should start to peel off with ease over the course of two weeks. A simpler and affordable alternative to a fish spa.

3. Tweezerman Neon Filemates

Make your claws easier thanks to these colorful nail files from award-winning beauty tool specialist Tweezerman. This set includes three different colored nail files with two sides for shortening nails and smoothing edges. The files also have a surface hard enough to sand acrylics. Each three-piece set comes in a convenient carrying case.

4. Sally Hansen Double Duty Base And Topcoat

A primer is ideal for creating a smooth canvas and preventing staining before applying snazzy nail polish. Sally Hansen’s Double Duty formula is a hard-working combination of nylon and vitamin B5 that provides a protective layer and a glossy top coat. Nails will feel hydrated and firm. It also works well on cuticles.

5. Mavala Colour Inspiration Collection

Vegan and cruelty-free nail brand Mavala has launched its latest collection of mini lacquers for the warm season. With six bold and flattering hues for every skin tone, the Colour Inspiration range, which draws inspiration from the annual Holi Festival of Colours, will transform your tootsies from dull to playful in no time. Our favourite is the refreshing Coral Bay.

6. Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue

Refresh sore summer feet with this softening treatment from The Body Shop, made with peppermint essential oil to rejuvenate and soothe the skin. After the pleasant tingling sensation, the peppermint cream works on dry areas. Used with socks, it softens the skin overnight. It is a pampering treat on long days.



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